Old Perry Cemetery


This cemetery was established to serve the pioneer settlers of the Perry community. The first burial here was that of Jane Leach, a schoolteacher who died in 1854.

Perry was the site of several stores, a gin, school, Union Church, and a Post Office. Following a destructive 1873 storm, the residents moved to the townsite of New Perry (2 mi E).

The settlement was relocated at the present site of Moody (2 mi SW) in 1881 when Santa Fe rail lines were completed to the area. Only this cemetery remains at the original site of the Perry community.

Our mission is to preserve the cemetery and its history.

We continue to seek information on people that are buried in the Old Perry Cemetery, their ancestors who lived in the Perry Hills, Moody, and surrounding areas.

Your comments and emails are welcomed and we look forward to hearing from you.

Panoramic Views of Old Perry

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Headstone Restoration Photos

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Memorial Restoration

Old Perry has a number of headstones in need of repairs to prevent further damage or even loss. The Cemetery Association has received contributions that were specified for the marker repairs and the work is underway. The goal is to repair broken headstones and replace temporary markers that have been in place more than 10 years with permanent granite stones.The average cost to repair a broken marker is $50 per stone. Some markers will require more extensive work and the cost could reach $100 or more. The temporary marker replacement stones cost $75 each for a 12x8x6 and $75 to set the stone (total cost $150). Currently there are 9 temporary markers to replace. We will not be replacing any of the original stones.

If you would like to make a contribution for this project to preserve the history of Old Perry, please click on the Donations link at the top of this page fill out the form.